Conquer YouTube With Your Own Army of youtube accounts!
It's Like Nothing You've EVER Seen Before
Learn how to create an army of your own YouTube accounts each with
their own proxy and social accounts that can be used to rank and promote your videos, comment, share and even profit!
Here's What You'll Learn Inside:
Video #1: Getting Started - In this video, you'll learn what is required to get your accounts up and running.

Video #2: Chrome Account Setup - Watch step by step how to set up your persona accounts using Google Chrome.

Video #3: Setting Up YouTube Accounts - See how I set up my YT accounts as personas.

Video #4: YT Accounts With SMSPVA - Learn how to create your own double verified YT accounts for just .10 each.

Video #5: Build YT Authority - Keep your channels active using YIVE Caster resulting in better results.

Video #6: Ranking YouTube Videos - Learn how I use persona accounts to rank videos in YouTube.

Video #7: Ranking and Commenting - Use this strategy with your persona accounts to drastically improve conversions of affiliate sales, offers or lead gen.

Video #8: YIVE Profits - How I use YIVE tools with these account to generate $300/month+ income while ranking videos.
Use these Chrome personas to search, click, watch and engage with your YouTube videos ranking them higher and giving your YouTube channel more authority!
This is the last time YT Personas will be available as a stand alone product.  After the timer hits "0", it will only be available through my new YT Supremacy course coming out next month.
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Refunds:  There are no refunds.  All the details of what this course includes is above.
If you are not sure you want to learn these methods, then don't purchase.
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